Queenstown Activities

Looking for things to do in Queenstown? Get what you really need from a booking and info centre – good advice. Info & Snow has been in town for over 25 years helping people like you make the most of their time in Queenstown. Talk to our helpful staff who are willing listeners about what makes you smile. We will discuss Queenstown activites you actually want to do, so come on in and have a chat.

Perhaps you will book a bungy or sample a wine tour, savour Arrowtown or discover the Lord of the Rings locations, there is plenty to choose from and plenty of options. Making the most of your time is the key advice you need, we know the right combinations that will maximise your fun, money and time.
Come in to see us, you will be happy that you did. There is always something different in the Lord of The Rings memorabilia collection to photo or buy. An experience in it’s self.
Experience Our Shop – the only one in the world where axes, activities and advice go hand in hand with ski clothing, movie costumes and customers.